Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Leaving for Kansas City

For the first time, I've been invited by Education Testing Service to join in the grading (called "reading") of AP Calculus exams. So I'm heading off to Kansas City for a week to sit with hundreds of other math teachers and read AP Calculus exams from around the world.

I think this is very cool, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sometimes I Think They Don't Know English

Following are excerpts from a student responses on a geometry quiz about locus.

The locus of points is the radius of a circle of 2 units
The locus of points is a parallel line radius = 2
The two points are equidistant from each other
The locus is the center with a radius of 3
The locus is a line bisector
The lines are parallel and the locus is their angle bisector
The locus is equidistant and parallel lines. and maybe a circle. maybe.
The locus is two circles that intercept
Point A is the center of a circle with all points equidistant by four units
Two lines cut two points connected by a 2 units line from the midpoint of the 6 unit long line
The locus of points is the perpendicular bisector of the angle
The locus of point is a parallel line line of the segment
I used the midpoint formula to find the locus and it is equidistant from 2 units of (2, 4)
The lines are parallel from the distance
The loci is the midpoint of two equidistant lines that have two points
Rise over run